Sunday, February 27, 2005

Paradyne Offers Integrated DSL Test Capabilities

Paradyne has integrated single-ended loop test (SELT) and dual-ended loop test (DELT) features into its Broadband Loop Carriers (BLCs), DSLAMs, and ADSL2+ modems. Paradyne said its SELT and DELT are emerging as the standards for loop qualification and diagnostics, aiding in the elimination of costly external test equipment.

Paradyne's SELT implementation includes a loop pre-qualification test integrated into the BLC or DSLAM to determine the strength of the DSL line. With Paradyne's ADSL2+ modems, DELT provides bidirectional testing on lines, isolating sources of line interference in order to reduce the time and costs associated with loop conditioning and broadband troubleshooting.

Paradyne's test performance are enabled by the integrated SELT and DELT capabilities in Broadcom's ADSL2+ chipset.

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