Wednesday, February 23, 2005 Enhances SHOUT VoIP Platform released a new version of its SHOUT platform for helping enterprises interconnect multi-vendor PBX and call center environments with next generation VoIP applications across IP data networks. SHOUT provides multi-vendor, multi-protocol support (including SIP). Enhancements to the platform in this release further equip SHOUT as a voice migration appliance for large global enterprises:

  • IP over Serial -- aggregates multiple remote nodes on a router connected to SHOUT, offering point to point serial connection to the central router. The serial interface interoperates with the Cisco HDLC protocol.

  • SIP Signaling over TCP -- allows broader interoperability of SHOUT with third-party SIP vendors, providing additional flexibility and more choices of SIP elements

  • NI-2 ISDN Support -- supports the basic call control messages and information elements required for NI-2.

In addition,'s voice-focused security solutions include protecting the devices from attack, MD5 authentication, TLS support, and enabling enterprises to run VoIP over their existing data infrastructure without having to update or replace their security devices or policies. The platform's security features include the SHOUT Packet Manager (SPM), which inspects the validity of every packet at the Ethernet interface before it is passed to the operating system for processing. This "rogue packet ejector" helps keep networks running, unlike other solutions that may require a reboot of the router when rogue packets are sent to its interfaces.

SHOUT also provides MD5 authentication on a call-by-call basis to prevent spoofing of users by challenging devices attempting to call the network and verifying responses against an internal table or an external database. In addition, SHOUT's BSP/VTP protocols enable voice conversations to seamlessly traverse existing NATs and firewalls, and because these protocols encode voice and signaling information into proprietary tunnels, voice packets are effectively secured from those intent on listening in on conversations.

For secure voice calls in an IP setting, SHOUT offers support of STUII, STUIII, STE, FNBDT for government, and now adds TCC for secure-grade commercial phones.

SHOUT can operate as a standalone system, or can work alongside third-party call controllers, IP PBXs, and SIP proxies. The newest release of SHOUT is now generally available.


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