Sunday, February 6, 2005

NetCentrex to Add Support for IMS

NetCentrex plans to enhance its softswitching platform with IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) compliant interfaces by the summer of 2005. NetCentrex already supports a range of full IP-based multimedia services for mobile service providers, including Mobile-Fixed Converged VPNs and Interactive Multimedia Servers for Video & Voice, Video & Voicemail and a Video Service Broker for broadband and UMTS networks.

The enhanced IMS support positions NetCentrex to serve the UMTS service provider market throughout the transition from first generation UMTS R99 networks, to interactive media over a packet bearer (UMTS phases 5 and 6), expected for 2007-2010. Cellular service providers could deploy NetCentrex infrastructure components on their current networks with the assurance that this packet infrastructure will evolve seamlessly to support the expected roadmap of UMTS services and networks.

"Once the DSL network has been upgraded to support fixed multimedia services, the next priority becomes convergence with the mobile network, beginning with seamless video-communications between broadband lines and UMTS phones, and evolving into a universal mobile terminal which uses the WiFi or Bluetooth network at home or in the office, and the GSM or UMTS network while on the move," says Pierre-Yves Le Berre, VP of Business Development, NetCentrex.

  • In September 2004, NetCentex announced that it had exceeded 1 million Class 5 end-to-end VoIP CPE-based lines. The company said its carrier customers were currently activating over 3,000 lines per day. This figure included Fastweb, its largest residential triple play VoIP deployment worldwide.