Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Linksys Announces New, ADSL2 and 2+ CPE

Linksys announced the availability of three new ADSL2+ products: the Linksys Wireless-G ADSL2+ Gateway (WAG54G v.2), the Linksys ADSL2+ Gateway with 4-Port Switch (AG241) and the Linksys ADSL2+ Modem (ADSL2MUE). ADSL2+ offers download speeds up to 25 Mbps, depending on line conditions and distance.

The Linksys Wireless-G ADSL2+ Gateway (WAG54G v.2) is an all-in-one wireless solution for Internet connectivity in the home, providing an ADSL2+ modem, Internet-sharing router, 4-port 10/00 switch and a wireless-G (802.11g) access point in one box. The built in wireless-G access point allows up to 32 wireless devices to connect to a network at up to 54Mbps.

The Linksys ADSL2 Gateway with 4 Port-Switch (AG241) is a wired solution providing many of the same features as the WAG54G, i.e. an ADSL modem, Internet-sharing router and 4-port 10/100 switch in one box. The ADSL2 Gateway helps includes a Stateful Packet Inspection firewall and can also serve as a DHCP server and supports up to five VPN tunnel endpoints., so users can connect securely to corporate networks.

The Linksys ADSL2 modem (ADSL2MUE) is compatible with the latest ADSL standards including ADSL2 and is upgradeable to ADSL2+. ADSL2 supports download speeds of up to 12 Mbps.

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