Monday, February 7, 2005

IPWireless Ships 3GPP Chipset with full HSDPA

IPWireless released the first TD-CDMA 3GPP chipset with full HSDPA implementation.

The new IPWireless chipset implements full HSDPA for devices, including 16QAM modulation to deliver far higher peak throughputs and higher overall usable capacity for each sector. IPWirelss said its system can now deliver up to 9.7 Mbps throughput per sector. The increased throughput performance is achieved without affecting the coverage and high cell edge performance of TD-CDMA, or affecting mobile handoff between sectors. With TD-CDMA systems, the full sector cell edge throughput is available to a single user. The new chipset also leverages the fact that TD-CDMA networks are fully packet-based on both the uplink and downlink to deliver packet based services to more users per sector. Current WCDMA HSDPA products are only packet-based on the downlink, meaning that the circuit switched architecture required for uplink will still artificially limit the number of users on the network and cause network congestion.

The new chipset is already shipping in IPWireless' plug-and-play PCMCIA cards and desktop modems for UMTS TDD networks in the 1900MHz, 2010MHz, 2500MHz, and 3400MHz bands.

The IPWireless TD-CDMA HSDPA chipset will also support the FDD TD-CDMA solution that will go into field trial in early 2005, delivering up to 14.5Mbps throughput per sector.


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