Sunday, February 27, 2005

i2Telecom Deploys Kagoor's Session Controllers

i2Telecom International, a low-cost VoIP service provider with operations in Atlanta, Redwood City (California) and Beijing, has deployed Kagoor's VoiceFlow 1000 series session border controller in a high-availability, redundant configuration to deliver global VoIP service over its SIP-based network. i2Telecom offers a unique "VoiceStick" portable Internet phone device that converts any Internet connected computer into a local phone. Once the VoiceStick is installed, a dial pad display enables the user to call any telephone in the world directly from the computer at discounted rates.

Kagoor's VoiceFlow 1000 session border controller solves the NAT traversal problem and greatly simplifies the configuration of i2Telecom's microgateway adapter behind NAT devices like cable and DSL modems. Kagoor's network protection solution also provides i2Telecom with added network security.


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