Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Global Crossing Launches International Wireless Services Exchange

Global Crossing announced the launch of a "Wireless Services Exchange", an extranet solution that provides mobile network operators with a mechanism for the international delivery of multiple services over a single direct interconnect.

Wireless Services Exchange will be launched in multiple phases, with an initial introduction in the first half of 2005 delivering international mobile-to-mobile routing with caller line identity (CLI) and point-to-point video with differentiated billing. The second release, to be launched later in 2005, will include global roaming exchange services (GRX), short messaging services (SMS) and multimedia messaging services (MMS).

Global Crossing said its Wireless Services Exchange would help mobile network operators to ensures the consistent, high-quality delivery voice and video applications, while supporting the imminent convergence with IP data services, with guaranteed feature performance such as caller line identity.

Wireless Services Exchange enables the convergence of both voice and video traffic over the same connection. The service also has the capability to offer differentiated billing for point-to-point video. This means mobile network operators do not have the cost of providing separate circuits for just video traffic, as Global Crossing's underlying VoIP network supports the required signaling quality and creates identifiable video call records for billing purposes.

The data services will be delivered via this converged circuit and the same interconnection as voice prior to the mobile operators' network convergence. These data services will include GRX, inter-carrier messaging, content delivery and video gateways for other services.


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