Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Germany Sees Growing Competition in Broadband Access

Germany ended 2004 with nearly seven million broadband connections, 20% of which were operated by competitors, according to the latest figures from Germany's Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Post (RegTP). In the previous year this figure was 11%, which means it has almost doubled within the space of a year. Amongst new broadband customers, the competitors have gained 33% of the market, and this trend was strengthening at year's end. RegTP credits competition and Deutsche Telekom's resale model for these positive trends.

Competitive carriers rented over two million local loops from Deutsche Telekom in 2004.

"Last year, many of the concerns voiced about the telecommunications market possibly being 'remonopolised' and competition being weakened by the bursting of the telecoms bubble in 2000 were dispelled. Whereas in the US we have new megafusions in the telecoms market, in Germany service diversity is on the rise and we are seeing a growing dynamic among providers making new investments in infrastructure", wrote Matthias Kurth, President of the Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Post (RegTP).


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