Sunday, February 13, 2005

General Bandwidth Launches the G6 Reverse Media Gateway

General Bandwidth introduced its G6 Reverse Media Gateway designed to enable legacy remote terminals, such as wireline Digital Loop Carriers (DLCs) and cable Host Digital Terminals (HDTs), to migrate from Class 5 call control to IP-based softswitch call control.

General Bandwidth said remote terminals using GR-303, TR-08 or V5.2 circuit technology until now have been islands set apart with no effective means of connecting to the new IP-based features and benefits of packet switching technology. Wireline network DLCs and cable network HDTs connect to Class 5 switches over standard GR-303, TR-08 and V5.2 interfaces. With the G6 Reverse MG, these interfaces can be migrated to the G6 platform, using DS-1/E-1 or DS-3/STS-1 connections between the G6 and DLCs/HDTs.

With the G6 platform's softswitch support and port capacity, thousands of customers on multiple DLCs/HDTs can be served from a single G6 platform and softswitch. In addition, the same G6 platform can simultaneously perform as a trunking media gateway, further reducing the cost and complexity of elements in the softswitched network.

General Bandwidth estimates that there are over 220,000 digital loop carrier remote terminals serving over 40 million working lines in the U.S. alone. Most are connected to circuit switches via either GR-303 or TR-08 direct digital


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