Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Flarion Announces FLASH-OFDM Flexband

Flarion Technologies unveiled its "Flexband" architecture for the delivery of wireless, high-capacity, on-demand video, voice and data services. FLASH-OFDM Flexband is a mobile broadband packet-switched technology for mobile operators with either 1.25MHz or 5MHz licensed spectrum.

Flexband leverages Flarion's BeaconTone technology, which maximizing data capacity and throughput for each individual subscriber. BeaconTone technology enables subscriber devices to continuously monitor in-band interference and instantaneously select the most optimal carrier to deliver maximum bandwidth and performance. The combination of Flexband and BeaconTone technology improves the subscriber experience, network efficiency and operator capacity for high-bandwidth services.

Flarion said a FLASH-OFDM Flexband network would provide the industry's highest subscriber capacity for both voice and data. In a fully supported 5MHz multi-carrier system voice calls increase to 186 per sector and data rates increase to 15.9Mbps peak and 6Mbps sustainable. Flexband delivers the industry's highest data capacity, supporting over 600 subscribers consuming 1GByte of data per month.

Flarion estimates that its Flexband enables delivery costs are as low as $10 for 1GByte of data per subscriber per month. A single 1.25MHz Flexband carrier sector will be able to deliver peak downlink data rates of 5.3Mbps, 1.8Mbps uplink, 2.5Mbps sustainable sector throughput and consistent high-speed data performance of up to 800Kbps at the cell edge.

The company said Flexband has already been in field tests with mobile operators and results have validated the performance and capacity, doubling the average subscriber experience.

  • In October 2004, Siemens Communications agreed to integrate Flarion Technologies' FLASH-OFDM technology into its portfolio of mobile broadband solutions. The companies have also signed a memorandum of understanding under which Flarion will develop basic 450 MHz-band equipment according to Siemens specifications.


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