Tuesday, February 15, 2005

ECI Supplies SDH to Finnish Defense Forces

ECI Telecom was awarded a new $3 million optical equipment order from the Finnish Defense Forces (FDF). Over the past two years, ECI has supplied FDF with over $18 million of its next-generation XDM optical platform equipment. This year, ECI will also provide its LightSoft network management system to allow secure, reliable and fully resilient management backup.

The FDF's state-of-the-art network has XDMs strategically placed around Finland to provide fast and reliable communications and local response for all areas of the Finnish army, including the ground forces, naval services and the air force.

ECI is also a core member of the DCN Group, a co-sponsored initiative of FDF and DCN that provides a unique mobile interface network to transmit voice, data, and images from anywhere, for crisis management and special events.


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