Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Eagle Broadband & GlobeCast Offer Turnkey IPTV Solution

Eagle Broadband and GlobeCast, a subsidiary of France Telecom, are launching IPTVComplete, a turnkey IPTV services solution for telcos, municipalities, utilities, universities and real estate developers across the United States.

IPTVComplete from Eagle Broadband and GlobeCast provides a package of standard, premium and high definition television programming, video-on-demand, pay per view and digital music with full IP multicast video content rights for distribution over fiber, DSL and other private IP networks.

The companies estimate their IPTVComplete turnkey solution can save $1 to 2 million or more in up-front capital expenditures required to design, purchase and install an IP head-end, secure the necessary video content rights, provision circuits, aggregate content, operate and maintain the head-end, and the many other tasks required to launch and operate a competitive IPTV service offering. The turnkey approach can also reduce the time to market to launch a new IPTV service to under 60 days versus the industry average of 12 to 18 months.

The agreement combines Eagle Broadband's IP video content rights, expertise delivering IP video services and IP set top boxes, with GlobeCast's carrier-class IP network and global IP satellite distribution capabilities. By leveraging satellite delivery transport infrastructure, IPTVComplete makes it easier for incumbent and new broadband providers to add high quality video to their existing voice and data offerings to complete a "triple-play" services bundle which can increase subscriber rates, reduce customer churn, generate higher average revenue per user and provide a real competitive advantage.

IPTVComplete's satellite distribution allows Eagle/GlobeCast to install a fully featured, IP video head-end anywhere in the United States, eliminating the need for long-haul bandwidth circuits. Key IPTVComplete options include:

  • 200+ channels of programming from major content providers with full IP multicast rights.

  • Pay per view, video-on-demand, digital music and high definition programming.

  • A full function IP video head-end.

  • Video network & head-end design, integration & installation.

  • Video content aggregation & IP encapsulation.

  • Content encryption.

  • Satellite distribution & transport.

  • IP set top boxes & middleware.

  • 24/7 customer service, network monitoring & technical support.


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