Wednesday, February 9, 2005

BT Adds 813,000 DSL Lines in Q4 2004

BT added a record 813,000 DSL connections in the three month period ending 31-December-2004, representing a new connection every 10 seconds of every day during the quarter. BT now expects to achieve 5 million broadband DSL connections a year ahead of its original target.

Some highlights of BT's quarterly financial report:

  • Group turnover was up 3%, excluding the impact of mobile termination rate reductions, at £4,584 million. Turnover was marginally up including the impact of mobile termination rate reductions

  • New wave turnover was £1,135 million, up 35%, representing 25% of group turnover. New wave turnover is mainly generated from Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions and managed services, broadband and mobility. ICT turnover grew by 21% to £738 million. Broadband turnover increased by 98% to £253 million. Mobility turnover at £55 million achieved growth of 112%.

  • Total consumer turnover in the third quarter was 6% lower (5%lower excluding the impact of reductions to mobile termination rates). New wave consumer turnover increased by 97%, driven by the continuing growth of broadband and mobility. Residential broadband connections increased by 90% and mobility connections increased to 179,000 at December 31, 2004 from 24,000 last year.

  • Traditional consumer turnover declined 11% year on year. This decline reflects the impact of Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) and broadband substitution.

  • BT's estimated consumer market share declined by 1.3 percentage points compared to last quarter to around 63% whilst the estimated business market share declined by 0.5 percentage points to around 42%. BT's estimate of market share by volume of fixed to fixed voice minutes is based on its actual minutes, market data provided by Ofcom and an extrapolation of the historical trends.

  • Wholesale (UK and Global Carrier) turnover increased by 7% (16%excluding the impact of reductions to mobile termination rates). UK Wholesale new wave turnover increased by 80% to £180 million mainly driven by broadband.

  • Profit before taxation, goodwill amortisation and exceptional items of £545 million, up 4%.


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