Monday, February 21, 2005

Amino Secures its PVR Set-Top with Widevine

Amino Communications will begin securing its AmiNET500 PVR set-top boxes with the Cypher Virtual SmartCard from Widevine Technologies.
The AmiNET500 is the first PVR (Personal Video Recorder) for IPTV applications to be fully secured against unauthorized copying of digital content.

The AmiNET500 supports time-shifting, pause and trick-play of live material, instant-record, and instant replay, and scheduled record of up to two streams simultaneously. The AmiNET500 can also act as a home media server by providing RTSP video streams to one or more other set top boxes. All content transmitted using the Widevine Virtual SmartCard solution is stored on the disk in its original encrypted form.

Widevine Cypher's Application Level Encryption allows the encryption properties established by the service operator to persist while content is stored on the AmiNET500, or streamed to a secondary device within the home (such as another set top box). Content is not decrypted until consumed, allowing enforcement and enhancement of the CGMS-A (Content Generation Management System for Analog) robustness rules as they impact digital recorders like the AmiNET500.


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