Friday, February 4, 2005

AMC-12 Satellite Successfully Launched

The AMERICOM-12 (AMC-12) satellite of SES AMERICOM was successfully launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome (Kazakhstan). The C-band satellite, which was built by Alcatel Space, offer 72 transponders organized into three regional beams: North America, South America and Europe/Middle East/Africa.

Based on Alcatel Space's new-generation Spacebus 4000 platform, the powerful AMC-12 satellite will deliver a wide range of services, from direct-to-home TV broadcasts to broadband Internet. SES ASTRA has committed to integrating 33 transponders offering services into Africa into their services portfolio as ASTRA 4A. Star One of Brazil has contracted to purchase 18 transponders offering services within South America in their portfolio as Star One C-12. SES AMERICOM will be using the AMC-12 capacity to interconnect the U.S. with Europe/Middle East/Africa and with South America, as well as to deliver services throughout South America.

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