Monday, February 28, 2005

Allied Telesyn Offers Integrated ADSL Router / VPN Appliance

Allied Telesyn introduced a one-box solution that combines the functionality of a security appliance with the advanced QoS and routing protocol support of a business-class ADSL router.

The new AR440S Router, which is designed for businesses seeking multiple redundant WAN paths, features built-in ADSL, one Async/Console, five 10/100 LAN ports and an optional PIC slot (T1/EI PRI, ISDN, Sync, Async, Ethernet and VoIP interfaces).

The IPv6 ready AR440S offers integrated hardware encryption, IPsec VPN support, Stateful Inspection Firewall, options for DES, 3DES and AES VPN encryption. Of significance is the support for up to 256 VPN tunnels, providing flexibility and secure communications to SMB branch offices and remote users. Other features of note are 802.1x & authentication with RADIUS & TACACS+ support for secure communications between locations and the World Wide Web. Advanced Layer 3 functionality includes routing protocol support (RIP, OSPF, BGP) and an extensive suite of QoS features, including Bandwidth Metering, RED Curves, Mixed Scheduling, Virtual Bandwidth, and Dynamic Application Recognition (e.g. automatically queue VoIP traffic). It also includes extensive multicast support for triple play applications for businesses. The list price is $862.


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