Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Zhone Announces FiberSLAM

Zhone Technologies unveiled its new "FiberSLAM" Optical Line Terminal, enabling carriers to deliver voice, data, video and entertainment services to their subscribers over fiber access lines.
The new PON product, which builds on Zhone's Single Line Multi-Service (SLMS) architecture, is designed for central office (CO), remote terminal (RT), outdoor cabinet or basement deployment. The FiberSLAM delivers both traditional and next generation applications including legacy voice, high speed data and analog or digital video and interactive applications.

Zhone also offers a PON Residential Gateway that serves as the ONT/ONU for connections directly to residential subscribers. The Zhone Residential Gateway (ZRG) combines the functions of a modem, router and Integrated Access Device in a single unit that resides either indoors at the customer premises or outdoors at the subscriber demarc. From a single fiber input, the Zhone ZRG delivers POTS voice, fast Ethernet and either IP or RF video over the subscribers existing home wiring.

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