Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Zhone Adds Voice Gateway Module to Access Concentrators

Zhone Technologies announced the availability of its new "VoiceFLEX" Voice Gateway module for its Multi-Access Line Concentrator (MALC) platform. With this new feature set, the MALC enables a full array of voice, data and video services over circuit or packet-based networks with TDM support for both GR-303 and V5.2, ATM support for AAL2 and ELCP, as well as VoIP support for both SIP and MGCP standards-based service implementations.

The MALC with VoiceFLEX can be configured to deliver a range of narrowband and broadband services for residential and business subscribers including: traditional TDM POTS, Specials, T1/E1, DSL, Ethernet, and PON.

Zhone's MALC can be deployed both as a remote loop carrier (RT) or Central Office Terminal (COT). As a COT, the MALC is able to aggregate traffic from multiple loop carriers and provide direct host connectivity using native GR-303 and V5.2 signaling. As a COT, the MALC with VoiceFLEX Gateway reduces the required number of interface groups on the switch, providing capacity for over 52,000 subscribers in a single 19 inch chassis.

The Zhone MALC can be deployed as a traditional DLC, enabling carriers to migrate their trunking and switching facilities to IP without impacting subscribers. Trunking options range from nxDS1 to OC-12/OC-48 to 10BaseT, Gigabit Ethernet and Resilient Packet Ring over Gigabit Ethernet.

The Zhone MALC also provides advanced data and video capabilities, including full IGMP v2 multicast switching for video, VLAN support, and IP termination at the RT, with a non-blocking backplane.


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