Monday, January 10, 2005

Voiceglo Debuts Click-To-Call Feature

Voiceglo has enhanced its Web- and PC-based applications, GloPhone and GloConnect, with a new Click-To-Call feature that allows users to dial any number they see on a Web site using its browser-based telephone service.

The feature turns any phone number listed on a Web site into an active link.

  • In October 2003, Voiceglo added a peer-to-peer voice messaging feature to its proprietary Web- and PC-based service, the GloPhone. The feature is similar to the push-to-talk functionality of cell phones, allowing users to send and receive instant voice messages to other GloPhone users on their buddy list. Specifically, the GloMessenger application allows GloPhone users to send voice messages to one another using MP3 formatted files - without having to initiate a phone call. Users click on a "Send Message" button and record a sound byte that is immediately transmitted to an online buddy. The recipient will then see their GloPhone display window flash - indicating that they have a GloMessage waiting - and can then listen to the audio message and reply.

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