Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Vodafone Reaches 150 Million Customers

The Vodafone Group reported its strongest quarter of net additions since December 2000 with over 5.4 million organic net additions, bringing its total proportionate customer base to over 151.8 million. Some highlights from Q4 2004:

  • Highest quarter ever for new Vodafone live! customers of 3.9 million, bringing global Vodafone live! controlled customer base to 28.3 million, including 12.9 million in Japan

  • Vodafone live! with 3G was launched across 13 markets

  • Vodafone UK added 641,000 net customers in the quarter, taking the total base to 15.2 million customers, an increase of over 9% since last year. Churn has continued its improving trend due to ongoing focus on customer retention and loyalty initiatives. Blended annual ARPU reduced to 314 pounds from 318 pounds for the year to December compared to the year to September 2004, principally due to the impact of the reduction in incoming call termination rates of approximately 30% effective from 1 September 2004.

  • In Germany, there were net customer additions of 843,000, for a total closing base of 26.9 million customers. Blended annual ARPU for the year to December was EUR 303 compared to EUR 305 for the year to September 2004, reflecting the impact of lower spending new customers.

  • In Italy, proportionate net customer additions were 359,000 in the quarter, leading to a total proportionate customer base of over 17 million. Blended annual ARPU remained stable at EUR 360 for the year to December compared to the year to September 2004. Churn also remained stable quarter on quarter.

  • In Japan, the closing proportionate base was 14.8 million, reflecting net customer additions of 36,000 in the quarter. The Group's effective ownership in Vodafone Japan reduced from 98.2% to 97.7% following the completion of the merger of Vodafone K.K. and Vodafone Holdings K.K.

  • Vodafone Spain added 457,000 net customers in the quarter, bringing the total customer base to 10.9 million customers, an increase of over 12% on last year. Churn has improved both quarter on quarter and year on year.

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