Monday, January 31, 2005

Verizon Launches iobi to Small Businesses in NYC, New England

Verizon launched iobi Professional for small businesses in New York and New England. The IP-based service provides individuals with call-management, voice mail, e-mail and other communications services using their PCs, the Web or a voice portal. Additional features include dynamic call log, address book, calendar, text messaging, e-mail messaging, instant SuperPages and personal directory number lookup, an always-on weather display, and access to calling-party maps.

Iobi Professional operates over a variety of Verizon wireline services including basic business lines, Centrex, ISDN, FTTP and others. The service is priced at $11.95 per month.

  • In September 2004, Verizon announced the market launch of "iobi Home" (pronounced eye-OH'-bee), a new control panel service that lets residential customers manage their home PSTN line, call lists, directories, calendars, email, and voice mail using web tools. Iobi can be accessed in any one of three ways - by software downloaded on a personal computer; by logging on to the iobi Web site; or by telephone using a voice-recognition portal. The computer-based software provides the most robust functionality, including on-screen caller ID, online call direction and tracking of calls and voice messages. Using their mouse, consumers can answer, forward or send a call to voice mail in real time; find out where the caller is on a pop-up map; store the number in an address book; play a voice message; and forward voice messages as sound files via e-mail. Pricing is set at $7.95 per month. Verizon Home Voice Mail is recommended for full product functionality.


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