Tuesday, January 4, 2005

ST Launches Single-Chip Decoder for Windows Media 9 and H.264/AVC

STMicroelectronics announced a single-chip Set-top Box (STB) solution supporting the High Definition H.264/AVC and VC1 specifications, which are poised to enable the next generation of high quality consumer video systems and broadcast services. The new device is based on an innovative video decoding architecture that combines hardware and software techniques to allow systems to be upgraded in the field to support new standards as they become available. The latest advanced codec technologies for DVD-Audio and DVD security encryption are embedded in the new decoder. http://www.st.com

  • In June 2004, STMicroelectronics and Microsoft announced a partnership to develop a series of new integrated circuit components for extending the reach of high-quality, secure Windows Media 9 Series content, in both standard and high definition, to a wide range of popular devices such as set-top boxes and DVD players. ST will supply these new components to consumer electronics manufacturer for use in set-top boxes, DVD players, digital video recorders (DVRs), Portable Media Centers, home-networking devices, etc. In addition to standard formats, the devices will includes the following audio and video technologies: Windows Media Audio 9, Windows Media Audio 9 Professional (which delivers 5.1 or even 7.1 channels of discrete digital surround sound at bit rates as low as 128 kbps, and supports 24-bit resolution and 96 kHz sample rates to deliver better-than-CD quality sound), and Windows Media Video 9 (including VC-9).


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