Tuesday, January 18, 2005

SBC Adds Real-Time WAN Monitoring Options, Cuts Prices

SBC Communications rolled out new real-time WAN monitoring tools for its enterprise customers, while cutting prices for many service options. The new SBC PremierSERV Network Management Wide-Area Network (WAN) View monitoring options enable businesses to track network and application performance in multiple locations, regardless of the carrier network being used, allowing quick isolation of applications responsible for poor response times; optimization of bandwidth for key applications; understanding and tracing virus traffic within a network; and validation of service-level agreements and class-of-service delivery for IP applications.

SBC is also cutting prices for many of its SBC PremierSERV Network Management services. Standard monthly fees for certain services have been reduced by up to 28%, depending on the package selected.

The new WAN View monitoring capability utilizes Visual Networks' UpTime Select solution. Specific capabilities include:

  • carrier-agnostic validation of WAN service level agreements,

  • detailed monitoring for primary network elements, including the local loop, port, and end-to-end circuit.

  • detailed bandwidth planning capabilities.

  • visibility and diagnostics to improve network and application availability.

  • 24X7X365 proactive monitoring and notification, fault isolation and resolution.

Separately, SBC began offering sophisticated performance monitoring and alarm features for selected SBC Dedicated SONET and Multi-Service Optical Networking (MON) Ring services. This new customer network management tool allows a customer to verify the continuity of their SONET and MON Ring service, and gather information valuable in maintaining optimal network operations centers. The monitoring tool can be set up to provide a direct data feed (raw data) or a Web-based graphical user interface option.

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