Thursday, January 6, 2005

RaySat Debuts Satellite Antenna for In-Motion Broadband

RaySat introduced a vehicle-based satellite antenna providing in-motion, high-speed Internet access to motorists. The new SpeedRay 3000 is based on an enclosed low-profile, roof-mounted antenna and could turn any vehicle into a rolling "hot spot." The system provides Internet download speeds up to 2 mbps and upload speeds up to 128 kbps, shared among users in the vehicle. In addition, using technology also developed by RaySat, the SpeedRay 3000 provides moving vehicles with strong reception of digital satellite TV and music channels.

To provide continuous signal feeds, the SpeedRay 3000 uses a phased-array antenna that rotates (inside its housing). Its panels constantly move up and down and back and forth, to track and maintain the satellite signal regardless of the vehicle's position relative to the satellite with which it is in communication. The system's Wi-Fi transceiver is built into the dish antenna housing and so requires no separate installation or connections. The retail price is expected to be $3,495.00. Installation and subscriptions to TV and Internet service are additional.


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