Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Pure Networks Unveils "Magic" Home Networking Software

Pure Networks, a start-up based in Seattle, introduced its "Network Magic" software for home networking. Network Magic is consumer software that connects and unifies the many different PCs, routers, gateways, and networked devices found in today's home into a seamless home network. The software resides on each computer within a home network, allowing them to communicate and share files and folders with one another, as well as with other networked devices such as routers, printers, video cameras and media adapters. In addition, Network Magic enables easy, secure Internet access to files for friends and family, via any Internet-connected computer.

Network Magic will initially be distributed to consumers by America Online, Inc., D-Link and Pure Networks.

Pure Networks also launched its Network Magic Optimized Program, in which hardware and software manufacturers leverage the Network Magic Compatible APIs to extend the capabilities of their devices or softwarehttp://www.purenetworks.com/

  • In September, Intel announced a strategic investment in Pure Networks as part of its Digital Home initiative.

  • Pure Networks is headed by Tim Dowling, who previously spent 14 years at Intel Corporation in a variety of roles, including leading Intel's consumer Internet initiatives and launching Intel's line of networking products into Europe.

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