Sunday, January 23, 2005

Pulver's Bellster Builds P2P Voice Gateway Community has launched a free peer-to-peer based community called the "Bellster Network" where members of the network can share their PSTN access with each other. Each member of the community needs to PC running "The Asterisk" Open-Source PBX to provide gateway connectivity to the local PSTN, as well as phone or soft-phone.

The Bellster Network is a system that matches callers with other users that can complete the call for them at no charge. The Bellster Network keeps a tally of calls that you make and that you give to others. In order to make a call through someone else's PSTN gateway, you must have a positive balance of minutes of access given to others. Users can specify the average number of calls per hour that may be permitted through their Asterisk gateway.

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