Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Optical Internetworking Forum Launches New Project

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) is embarking on two new technical projects:

  • the Architecture and Signaling working group, in conjunction with the Carrier working group, will address Neighbor Discovery as it applies to links used by the optical control plane. Neighbor Discovery is a process that allows the control plane to identify new links and to initialize the control plane to use those links. OIF working groups will seek to define Neighbor Discovery requirements based on carrier scenarios and define control plane extensions to achieve them.

  • the Physical and Link Layer (PLL) working group has begun work on a next generation TFI (TDM Framer-to-Fabric Interface) project. The project will extend the existing TFI-5 TDM Framer-to-Fabric Implementation Agreement (IA), which utilizes 2.488 to 3.1104 Gigabits per second signaling to utilize CEI signaling at 6G rates (4.976 to 6.375 Gigabits per second) and 11G rates (9.95 to 11.1 Gigabits per second). This will enable system vendors to architect next generation SONET/SDH Cross-Connect and DCS Digital Cross Connect systems with increased density and lower costs.

    • The OIF's recent quarterly meeting resulted in the reelection of the following officers, Amy Wang of Avici Systems as Interoperability Working Group Co-Chair (Networking), Doug Zuckerman of Telcordia Technologies as OAM&P Working Group Chair, Hans-Martin Foisel of T-Systems / Deutsche Telekom as Carrier Working Group Chair and Brian Von Herzen of Xilinx as Interoperability Working Group Co-Chair (Physical & Link Layer).

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