Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Netgear and Video54 Incorporate 7 MIMO Antennas in Wi-Fi

NETGEAR will enhance certain of its Wi-Fi products with a new "BeamFlex" system from Video54 Technologies, a start-up based in California. Video54's BeamFlex technology incorporates seven smart MIMO antennas to deliver 127 unique antenna patterns that adapt "on the fly" to the network environment by adjusting to RF interference, locations of clients, and physical barriers, resulting in improved range and high-speed data transfer performance. The companies said that by reducing throughput variance caused by signal fade and interference, the technology can deliver a consistent stream of data, eliminating video freezing and jittering, and connection drops. The technology is compatible with the 802.11b and 802.11g standards.

  • Video54 Technologies is headed by Selina Lo, who previously served as Vice President of Marketing for Alteon WebSystems and took on the position of Vice President, Architecture for Nortel Networks' Data Networking Unit after Alteon was acquired by Nortel Networks. Previously, Selina was a co-founder and Vice President of Marketing for Centillion Networks and Vice President Marketing for Bay Networks' Centillion Business Unit when Centillion was acquired by Bay Networks.

  • Video54 was co-founded by Bill Kish (previously at Lightera/Ciena, Berkeley Networks and Fore Systems) and Victor Shtrom, who previously was a key team leader and developer of the industry's first MIMO/OFDM silicon at Iospan Wireless.

  • Video54 is funded by Sequoia Capital.

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