Wednesday, January 26, 2005

NEC Assembles 3G Base Stations in China

NEC has commenced production of 3rd Generation mobile radio base stations (Node-B)
at one of its production sites in China. The facility procures major core pre-product modules, such as channel coding cards and line cards, from NEC's major manufacturing sites in Japan, and other general parts such as power modules and racks from local vendors. The plant then assembles and customizes them according to the requirement of each operator.

The first lot of the products has been delivered in January to operators in Europe. The plant will also be used for manufacturing base stations for the Chinese market.

Takakuni Kuki, Executive General Manager and head of NEC's Mobile Network Operations Unit commented, "NEC hopes to take a leading position for the construction of 3G infrastructure in China... In order to accelerate the progress of the Chinese 3G market, NEC will build up its basic
production as early as possible to meet the increasing demand of the market."

  • In 2004, NEC established a 3G demonstration center in Guangdong. The center showcases NEC's 3G network solution offerings such as node-B radio base station, radio network controller and 3G terminals, and mobile internet application platform, and demonstrates attractive mobile multimedia service using the 3G technology. In addition, NEC recently established "NEC Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited", a mobile network operation outsourcing company to further expand the business of the new company to include 3G projects in China in the


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