Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Motorola Debuts "Ojo" Personal Videophone

Motorola unveiled its new Motorola Ojo Personal Videophone at the 2005 International CES trade show in Las Vegas. The unit transmits full-motion video (30 fps) with synchronized audio over broadband services. For video calls, Motorola Ojo uses the MPEG-4 coding standard (H.264), which enables transmission of 30 frames-per-second video with synchronized audio at data rates as low as 110 Kbps. Ojo supports SIP and network-based call signaling (NCS), making the product interoperable with video phones provided by other manufacturers.

It features an elevated (eye-level), portrait-oriented LCD digital display (7"diagonal) and camera along with a cordless handset for calling using either the PSTN or a VoIP network. This allows Motorola Ojo to work within the upstream data rates for both DSL and cable broadband networks, and ensures that existing broadband infrastructures can handle the video phone traffic. For audio, Ojo uses the iLbc audio codec. A full-duplex speaker phone provides advanced noise reduction, automatic gain control and echo cancellation. Ojo has a MSRP of $799 and requires cable or DSL broadband connectivity. Monthly service fees apply.


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