Monday, January 3, 2005

Level 3 Extends its E-911 VoIP Capability

Level 3 Communications has extended its E-911-enabled VoIP service to areas encompassing approximately 60 million households across the U.S. E-911 (for "Enhanced 911") delivers address-specific information to public safety agencies whenever someone makes a 911 call, enabling first responders to be dispatched to the scene of an emergency even if the caller is unable to speak or if the call is suddenly disconnected.

Level 3 said that over the course of the past year it has been deploying its E-911 VoIP solution in more than 300 markets across the country and plans to expand its E-911 coverage further throughout 2005. Specifically, Level 3 is interconnecting with 911 Tandems and establishing dedicated connections from its network to PSTN switches that serve Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in over 1,500 rate centers around the country.

The E-911 solution, which is a foundational component of Level 3's broad suite of VoIP services, enables ISPs, cable companies, local phone companies, long-distance providers and others to build E-911 functionality into the VoIP services they offer to enterprises and consumers.

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