Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Intel and ZTE Collaborate on WiMax

Intel and ZTE announced plans to jointly deliver global broadband wireless solutions using WiMAX technology. The companies agreed to cooperate in developing and promoting standards and specifications for 802.16-based networks. The companies will also work jointly with regulatory agencies in key global markets for securing adequate radio spectrum for broadband services based on WiMAX technology.

As part of this agreement, ZTE will develop and deploy infrastructure and customer premises equipment using Intel's silicon for WiMAX solutions based on IEEE 802.16-2004 (previously known as IEEE 802.16REVd), and the upcoming IEEE 802.16e standards for mobile networks. "Rosedale" is Intel's first "system-on-a-chip" solution for cost-effective customer premise equipment (CPE) supporting 802.16-2004.

The companies said they have been working together for more than 18 months for the development of standards and architecture for 802.16-based networks.

ZTE plans to begin initial deployments of networks based on 802.16-2004 later this year with carriers in China, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. ZTE plans to conduct field trials of 802.16e networks beginning in mid-2006.


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