Tuesday, January 4, 2005

France Telecom to Launch "MaLigne visio"

France Telecom is preparing to launch a large-scale IP video telephony deployment called "MaLigne visio."

The service will deliver real-time video chat, video messaging, video streaming, and information on demand over ADSL. When customers subscribe to the MaLigne visio service, they are given a special phone number. Using ADSL , they now have two phone numbers on the same line (their regular phone number remains the same).

MaLigne visio provides customers with a free voice and video messaging service that allows users to retrieve voice and video messages from any other location. Photos and video can also be shared and discussed by users by connecting a digital or camcorder to the videophone for a true video conferencing experience.

Pricing for the service is expected to be lower than the price of typical wireless service.

Taiwan-based Leadtek is supplying videophones for the deployment. The Leadtek videophones will be offered for around EUR 199 (US$260) or they can be rented. At launch, MaLigne visio will be available to about 75% percent of the French population.

  • As of the end of Q3 2004, France Telecom was serving 4.2 million ADSL lines in service in France (not including unbundled lines).

  • In December 2003, France Telecom launched its "MaLigne tv" TV-over-DSL service in Lyon.

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