Thursday, January 27, 2005

Eblana and Vitesse Announce Breakthrough in Laser Fabrication

Eblana Photonics and Vitesse Semiconductor announced a manufacturing relationship for single-mode laser diodes on Vitesse's 4" Indium Phosphide (InP) Integrated Circuit Fabrication Line.
This manufacturing relationship builds on an industry first where the companies fabricated 2.5 Gbps, single wavelength, laser diodes using established InP IC toolsets and processes.

The companies said their landmark process line production of high-quality laser diodes will have significant impact for the communications industry. Short term, it its expected to disrupt the production costs of photonic components by permitting low cost manufacture of the highest quality laser products on a mature electronics fabrication platform using only IC toolsets and processes and their associated process control regime. The companies believe this manufacturing process will enable the required levels of photonics integration to drive the burgeoning rollout of FTTP and Gigabit Ethernet in Access and Enterprise communications applications. Loner term, they expect that the integration of mature InP circuit technology with a InP laser technology to will create new components and new applications based on integrated photonics and electronics.


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