Sunday, January 16, 2005

Cavium Expands its NITROX Soho Processors

Cavium Networks has expanded its NITROX Soho processor family with the addition of two new devices designed for high performance SOHO/SME gateway with up to 200 Mbps of routing, firewall and VPN throughput and over 100 IKE or SSL transactions per second.

Additionally, these new devices can support multiple security protocols such as: IPSec, SSL and CCMP simultaneously with no performance degradation. The new NITROX Soho CN220 and CN225 are software and footprint compatible with existing family members enabling excellent portability and scalability.

Cavium Networks said SOHO and SME router and gateway performance requirements are rapidly increasing due to new technologies such as wireless 802.11n, FTTH, Broadband Ethernet and VDSL. Additionally, users are demanding full line-rate VPN/Firewall security with support for multiple protocols such as IPSec, CCMP and easy to use SSL VPN technology at mass-market price points. Unlike current processors in this mass-market segment, Cavium's NITROX devices support line rate packet and security performance for these new technologies and they support hardware acceleration for user authentication algorithms such as RSA and DH.

The NITROX Soho Processor family now includes five different hardware and software compatible CN2XX processors in 166MHz or 200MHz versions. All of these devices integrate a MIPS32 4Km Processor with 16KB I-Cache and 16KB D-Cache, 16KB scratchpad and a 32 bit SDRAM main memory interface. The new CN22X products integrate two security acceleration engines, with full packet and protocol processing offload. This frees up the CPU for other applications and enables support of up to 200Mbps of all standard encryption and hashing algorithms.


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