Sunday, January 23, 2005

Broadcom Readies GigE IP Phone Chip with Security

Broadcom is introducing a chip for enterprise-class IP phones that incorporates Gigabit Ethernet switching, on-chip security, advanced QoS features and increased processing power for driving enhanced displays. The integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch enables a single connection to the desktop to be shared between the IP phone and a workstation. The new chip is also the first to incorporate Broadcom's "BroadSafe" technology, which combines hardware-based identity management and authentication with FIPS-certifiable key management software. The hardware security module performs voice encryption and authentication. Broadcom said a unique identifier etched into each chip would be virtually impossible to decode, hack or steal, thereby providing assurance that each phone in the network is genuine.

Broadcom's new chip includes a RISC processor, DSP and IP telephony software supporting a range of narrowband and wideband codecs.

The new chip is the successor to Broadcom's 10/100 Mbps phone chip, which is widely deployed in enterprise IP-PBX systems. The new device integrates a 10/100/1000 switch and two 10/100 transceivers, allowing for the development of traditional Fast Ethernet IP phone designs.

Broadcom is also offering reference designs for enterprise Ethernet IP phones based on the new device. Sampling is underway.

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