Monday, December 13, 2004

Terayon Offers Distributed Digital Video Processing for MSOs

Terayon Communication Systems has added significant new capabilities to its flagship Terayon 6400 Network CherryPicker digital video processing platform that enable cable television and other network operators to accelerate their transition to all-digital, next-generation networks and to deliver new digital video applications. New features and capabilities include:

  • Distributed Chassis design that enables operators to acquire, manage and distribute digital video services from any point in the network to any other point in the network. Regardless of the physical or geographic locations of CherryPickers in the network, Distributed Chassis delivers the flexibility to distribute the ingest, processing and distribution of digital video services instead of having to replicate those operations in each physical location such as a head-end or distribution hub. The distributed chassis also increases the input capacity up to 400% without the use of an external switch.

  • Master Control Management Console (MC2) -- a point-and-click environment that simplifies the configuration, monitoring and management of multiple networked CherryPickers.

  • Program redundancy substantially improves the reliability of service delivery by automatically switching to an alternate or back-up program source -- either local or remote -- should the primary source fail.

  • Expanded IP video networking capabilities, including new Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) output replication capability that enables operators transitioning from ASI to GigE to process each digital video service feed only once, eliminating the cost and complexity of processing both feeds simultaneously and providing a cost-effective accelerator to an end-to-end IP video network.

Terayon expects the annual market value for Gigabit Ethernet video delivery equipment to top $900 million by 2008.

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