Thursday, December 16, 2004

Sumitomo Electric Ships IP Set-top to NTT Communications

Sumitomo Electric Networks announced commercial shipment of its "StreamCruiser" IP set-top boxes to NTT Communications for its "OCN Theater" video distribution service.

OCN Theater is a VOD service for NTT Comm's OCN optical fiber "B FLET'S" service. It features Hollywood movie productions, Japanese movies and the currently popular Korean dramas. In addition to VOD, the service provides video kara-oke, games, news news, weather reports, maps and other content.

Sumitomo Electric's StreamCruiser IP-STB connects to the TV set in the home as a set-top box using an FTTH or ADSL. The product uses "Raptor" high-speed, low-latency, packet-loss recovery technology developed through the collaboration betwen Sumitomo Electric Networks and US-based Digital Fountain.

StreamCruiser is also available with NTT East Corporation's IPv6 network service (FLET'S.Net), and implements links with the Digital Rights Management (DRM) system using content encryption, supporting video distribution service on a fully commercial basis. http://www.sei-networks.com


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