Sunday, December 5, 2004

Strix Announces Outdoor Wi-Fi Cellular Mesh Networking System

Strix Systems, a start-up based in Calabasas, California, introduced a Wi-Fi cellular system designed for outdoor deployments in public safety, rural and metropolitan area networks. The Access/One Network OWS (Outdoor Wireless System), which builds on Strix's indoor mesh system, utilizes multiple radios, multiple channels and multiple radio frequency (RF) technologies to build high performance mesh backbones and connectivity for clients.

Strix said its mesh algorithm has been field tested for over a year with the Access/One Network in indoor and outdoor environments. Unlike single radio or single channel mesh networks,, the Access/One Network OWS managed mesh uses multiple radios per node and multiple channels within the mesh, allowing it to deliver high performance over multiple hops. The company said that by using a modular design, the network is not only scaleable, but makes it easy to add system capacity or incorporate future technologies such as WiMAX.

The Access/One Network OWS supports link rates up to 108 Mbps between nodes, building mesh backbones in 802.11 a, b or g. The network is self-configuring, self-tuning, and self healing.

The system supports AES encrypted links and it supports 802.11i, 802.1x, and all flavors of encryption to the client devices.

  • Strix Systems is a venture-backed company in Calabasas, California, founded in 2000 and backed by El Dorado Ventures, Palomar Ventures, Windward Ventures, CMEA Ventures and UV Partners.

  • Strix Systems is headed by Bruce Brown, who previously was CEO of Efficient Networks, which was acquired by Siemens AG in early 2001.


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