Sunday, December 5, 2004

RNKVoIP Promises Lifetime Phone Service for $999

Massachusetts-based RNK Telecom announced a new VoIP service that promises a lifetime of unlimited phone service for a one-time fee of $999. At this suggested retail price, residential users would receive a VoIP line, telephone, phone number, full feature set and unlimited outbound and inbound calling. RNK provides 911 and 411 services, and can port existing numbers to its VoIP service.

RNKVoIP is also offering a $99 "Phone for Life" measured service that is suitable for residences, but primarily targeted toward business use. With this plan, end-users have one VoIP line, telephone and features, and can receive unlimited inbound calls. Outbound calls can be made to domestic U.S. locations, Canada and 20 other countries, plus 21 additional foreign cities, at the low suggested retail rate of .019 cents per minute.


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