Sunday, December 5, 2004

Hammerhead Appoints Peter P. Savage CEO

Hammerhead Systems named Peter Savage as President, CEO and Chairman. He previously led Applied Digital Access (ADA) as President and CEO, and Chairman of the Board, from a small private company through an IPO, three acquisitions, and an acquisition by Dynatech. He was also President and CEO of Hatteras Networks, President and COO of Commterm -- Alliance Telecom, and President and COO of Xylogics.

He has also served as a Director of Atmosphere Networks, and Path 1 Network Technologies, and an officer of Infinet and Frederick Electronics -- Plantronics. Previously, Savage held technical and management positions at Bell Laboratories.

  • Hammerhead's platform, which is designed for migrating Frame Relay / ATM services onto MPLS backbones, leverages a unique switch architecture that "virtualizes" expensive system resources, enabling a higher efficiency and service density than other Layer 2 service aggregation platforms. Key to the design is a Distributed Service Interworking Engine that is bi-directional, control plane agnostic, and scales to handle thousands of fine-grained flows. Hammerhead has also developed a Bandwidth Pooling Architecture that allows switch processing cards to be shared by physical interface cards. The company's first product is delivers scalable edge capacity of 30 Gbps - 120 Gbps full duplex in a 1/4 rack. It offers a mid-plane design and service-agile interfaces ranging from T1 to Oc-192c/10GbE and FR/ATM/PPP/POS/Ethernet.

  • Hammerhead Systems is based in Mountain View, California.

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