Tuesday, December 7, 2004

France Telecom and Fujitsu Announce R&D Partnership

France Telecom and Fujitsu Limited announced an R&D partnership focused on data mining and grid computing technology. The first phase of the project aims to dramatically facilitate analysis of the huge volume of data, such as for data mining and customer billing, generated by France Telecom. In the second phase, the project will generate value-added external services based on grid computing that can be offered to other enterprises. This partnership will enable France Telecom and Fujitsu to offer innovative value-added services to their customers with greater speed and efficiency through shared resources.

For the first phase of this project, Fujitsu will contribute its grid computing technology, specifically its CyberGRIP middleware and organic resource management systems. France Telecom R&D's division will bring to the partnership data-oriented and computation-intensive applications such as data mining, along with a number of enabling middleware components, particularly for persistent data and telecommunications application servers. http://www.francetelecom.comhttp://www.fujitsu.com


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