Sunday, December 19, 2004

Empirix Enhances VoIP and TDM performance testing system

Empirix introduced an enhanced version of its "Hammer NXT" VoIP and TDM performance testing system featuring the ability to scale to more than 50,000 endpoints (signaling and media). The Hammer NXT offers up to 24K simultaneous signaling/media endpoints per system for high-density performance testing. The system can detect and analyze the content of each media stream generated (up to 24 K) at full Ethernet line rates, including detection of tones, DTMF, voice prompts, silences, and energy, allowing users to stress and verify media functionality under high-density conditions. A wide range of codecs are supported, as well as unique IP and MAC address emulation.

The new NXT shares a common signaling engine and architecture with the company's Hammer FX-IP functional test system. Customized protocol and signaling configurations can be ported between the two platforms.


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