Sunday, December 5, 2004

Cisco Cites Customer Gains for Carrier Routing System

Cisco Systems announced that several global carriers and research networks are now deploying and trialing the Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing System, which was introduced in May 2004.

Cisco CRS-1 customers include SOFTBANK BB Corp. (providers of "Yahoo! BB"), the National Institute of Informatics' SuperSINET research network in Japan, as well as the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. Cisco said these customers, along with trials at Telecom Italia, are in addition to 14 other major global service providers that are in various stages of trials with the Cisco CRS-1.

Cisco also announced the Cisco CRS-1 8-Slot Single-Shelf System, a new core routing system that is half the capacity of the previously-announced Cisco CRS-1 16-slot system. It provides 640 Gbps of total switching capacity. The chassis dimensions make it possible to accommodate two CRS-1 8-slot single-shelves on a standard 19-inch, 7-foot rack.

The new 8-slot system uses the Cisco IOS XR Software, a self-healing operating system designed for the multi-terabit Cisco CRS-1 that leverages fully distributed and fully modular processes to provide fault containment, automatic fault recovery, and in-service upgrades The Cisco CRS-1 8-slot also uses fully-programmable 40 Gbps ASICs along with Cisco IOS XR to separate traffic and network operations on a per service or per customer basis within the system.

The CRS-1 8-Slot Single-Shelf System is available in December, 2004. The starting system list price is $225,000 USD.

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