Tuesday, December 14, 2004

AT&T Extends Its Global VPN and VoIP Capabilities

AT&T announced a series of enhancements to its VPN and VoIP services, including a real-time "hoot and holler" conference calling feature. This feature creates a conference bridge with IP multicasting technology to connect as many end points as needed. AT&T is also added a new "automatic ring down" feature enables two phones to be instantly connected just by lifting the handset. Both features are particularly aimed at the financial services industry, where there is a high demand for instant connectivity among multiple users.

AT&T is also providing new Voice over VPN customers with free off-net calling (those calls terminating outside a company's VPN) to all U.S. and non- U.S. locations for 60 days. Key features of this global VPN offer include:

  • support for a wide array of premises equipment including classic digital and analog Public Branch Exchanges (PBXs), as well as IP PBXs;

  • a voice quality service level commitment that is both VoIP-specific and International Telecommunication Union standards-based;

  • an array of customer reports delivered via AT&T's BusinessDirect portal, including in-depth call detail and summary reports;

  • greater flexibility and effectiveness of call center employees through advanced routing features;

  • dynamic real-time bandwidth allocation/prioritization, allowing customers to optimize their converged voice and data traffic flows;

  • in-region, in-language, global customer support, and

  • unified billing for customers' voice and data services.


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