Wednesday, December 15, 2004

AT&T Enhances its CallVantage Consumer VoIP Service

AT&T has enhanced its CallVantage consumer VoIP service with a new sub-account capability that provides up to nine distinctive telephone numbers along with the ability to manage each as a separate calling experience while sharing the same line. Other new features include:

  • Second lines to the same adapter

  • Support of facsimile machines and some modems. It may also work with some Personal Video Recorders and satellite TV systems that use a dial-up modem for network support.

  • Call filtering capabilities provide the ability to direct calls based on who is calling. For example, using 'Do Not Disturb' users might elect to send calls from friends directly to voicemail, while allowing calls from children always to ring through. The monthly charge for this feature is $1.99.

  • Record and send, a feature that allows the user to record a message and quickly deliver it to as many as 20 separate phone numbers. After a free trial period, the feature will cost $0.49 per use beginning in February 2005.

  • Locate Me VIP List, that provides the option of forwarding all calls, or only a select group of numbers.

  • Phone Book Import/Export, which provides synchronization of up to 250 names to Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Palm Powered handhelds.

  • AT&T has now begun charging $0.35 per minute for the Conference Calling feature.
    Introduced in March 2004, AT&T CallVantage Service is now serving consumers in more than 170 markets in 39 states and Washington, D.C.

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