Thursday, November 18, 2004

Sunrise Telecom Introduces ADSL2+ Test Solutions

Sunrise Telecom announced ADSL2+ test solutions for its SunSet MTT platform. The new ADSL2+ ATU-R module supports multiple deployed and emerging ADSL technologies, including the recent ITU-T ADSL2+ (G.992.5) standard targeted for the combined triple-play of voice, internet, and video services. The SunSet MTT ACM Chassis has been given a 2.2 MHz bandwidth enhancement to accommodate the ADSL2+ frequency spectrum for copper qualification and troubleshooting applications.

The new module could be used by a Tier 1 technician for ADSL2+ service verification. It features a One-Button Test, where the test set attempts to synchronize with the far end DSLAM, and upon achieving Showtime (link-up), presents a summary screen of key results including achieved data rate and SNR margin. This One-Button-Test shows whether or not the ADSL2+ link is working properly from the central office DSLAM to the customer's premises. Additionally, the module's IP ping test verifies Internet connectivity.


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