Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Polycom and Edgewater Team on Enterprise Video Firewalls

Edgewater Networks and Polycom are expanding their co-development and marketing partnership beyond VoIP solutions to those that now simplify the deployment and management of audio and video communication systems connecting across organizations and firewalls for enterprises and service providers. The two companies also announced the availability of open, H.323 standards-based solutions for Network Address Translation (NAT)/Firewall traversal for IP-based video communications, as well as solutions validated as interoperable with other proprietary firewalls and session border controllers popular in the market. The H.323-based Edgewater solutions are available for all Polycom systems. http://www.edgewaternetworks.comhttp://www.polycom.com

  • Edgewater Networks offers a line of EdgeProtect session border controllers providing specialized security, NAT/Firewall traversal services and passive call quality monitoring for service providers; and a line of EdgeMarc VoIP CPE appliances.

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