Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Octasic Offers Music Protection for Echo Cancellation Silicon

Octasic introduced a Music-Protection feature in its echo cancellation silicon. This software feature for the OCT6100 Series of Octasic echo cancellers ensures that both recorded background music heard while on hold, and live music heard in the background of conversations are not clipped or incorrectly handled, as is the case with echo cancellers currently in use.

Traditional echo cancellers do not distinguish between music and generic background noise when processing residual echo. Instead, the typical echo cancellation algorithm replaces the entire signal with white (or similar) noise while trying to remove the echo. This results in music sounding unrecognizable, or as though the connection itself was "bad". Callers hearing such a result get annoyed or worse yet, end their calls assuming something is wrong with the connection.

Octasic's Music Protection software is able to recognize that music is on the line and process it accordingly resulting in a natural-sounding connection while still removing the echo.

The company has set up two demonstration phone lines - one with Music Protection enabled on the echo canceller and the other without any Music Protection functionality.

  • Line without music protection: 514-597-0864 OR 866-334-5402

  • Line with Octasic Music Protection enabled on the OCT6100 Series: 514-597- 2802 OR 866-550-5402

(When calling, please ensure that you are using a standard analog or digital phone and not a wireless or IP-based phone.)