Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Ireland Sets Goal of 100% DSL Coverage by 2007, High Growth Rate

eircom, the incumbent carrier in Ireland, achieved its year-end target of 100,000 broadband connections as of 17-November-2004. eircom's retail division has signed up 77,000 customers. eircom's wholesale division accounts for 23,000 connections. Two thirds of its broadband base today is residential with one-third business.

eircom also announced a new target of 500,000 DSL broadband connections by December 2007, which would position Ireland above the EU average for DSL broadband penetration. The company said Ireland has become one of the fastest growth markets for broadband in the EU due to its eircom's aggressive marketing and promotional campaign. eircom currently has in excess of 3,000 customers signing up for broadband each week.

eircom also announced today that it plans to achieve 90% Broadband coverage in Ireland by March 2006 and is calling on government to deliver the remaining 10% so that Ireland can have 100% Broadband availability by 2007. Coverage today stands at over 74% and is set to reach 80% by March 2005, ensuring that every town in Ireland with a population over 1,500 will be connected to broadband.

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